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 Game Advisor [GA] Rules and Obligations

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PostSubject: Game Advisor [GA] Rules and Obligations   Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:29 am

1.What is [GA] or Game Adviser?
They serve as informers in game. They are obliged to give advices, directions, and information when someone asks them with regard in game concerns.
Like: Guide in Creating Character, Skills, Stats, Quests, Maps, Monster Location and anything about the game itself.

2. Do They Have Special Items?
“NO” they are normal players. But they can be awarded base on their performances.

3. Can They Ban Players?
“NO” They are obliged to report abusive players but they can’t ban them.

4. Are they allowed to Swear or Speak Bad Words?
“NO” That is one of our server’s rule and they must be a good example to our server.

5. Do They Need To Be Online Daily?
“NO” We only require at least 4-6hours a day and 4 times a week online in game.

6. Are They Required to Help Players By Means of Party, Killing Monster, Giving Free Items?
This is optional, it depends upon them if they want it or not. Their duty is only to give advices, directions and information with regard to the game.

7. Are they allowed to Participate in PVP?
Yes” they are normal players they can do whatever they want except the “Rules” mentioned here.

8. Are they allowed to PK in Normal and War Maps?
“Yes” they are allowed to KILL whoever they want. But if the player warned him/her to “Stop” they should “Stop” or else you can report them in abuse section.
Note: Some Cases, players sometimes trying to annoy or provoke StaffTeamMembers specially GA’s.
For Example: “Player 1” PK “GA” with no reason surely the GA PK him/her too, Then “Player 1” Said “Stop”, The GA of Course will stop. After that, “Player 1”PK’ed GA again, and every time the GA PK him/her, “Player 1” Keep saying “Stop” or even warn him to report him if he don’t stop.
Another is swearing to him remember “****” is considered here as an insulting word.
Reminder: I don’t tolerate this kind of attitude guys. Be fair in playing guys.

9. Are They Allowed to Participate in TG or Nation War?
“Yes” and they can choose whatever nation they want.

“Respect Our GA’s Even though they are normal player they are still part of our Staff Team, Working for Our Server.”
"Show Respect If You Want Others Respect You".
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Game Advisor [GA] Rules and Obligations
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