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 [EM]Kuro's Newbie Guide

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PostSubject: [EM]Kuro's Newbie Guide   Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:10 pm

[EM]Kuro's Newbie Guide:
since i see many players/newly made char who kept begging and begging which is not good,
i will make a simple newbie guide for you guys Smile
Step 1: Gearing up
Mobs on this server are stronger than normal so they hit like hell.
to avoid dying, make use of the starter set. there are starter sets for each char.
Step 2: stats
every char has additional 3k stats, make use of them(wisely)
Step 3: Alz Farming
in this server, we have alz farmings map
specifically Undead Ground
just loot those Gold coins then sell them to NPC or remote shop card
Step 4: Gearing up v2
there are many ways to obtain new gears(the ABD set)
first one is to farm it on dungeons mobs like umpra/berunosya(altar of siena b1f)
and IC1 chests
second one is making use of the farmed alz to buy stuff on Agent shop
but if you cant find what you need on agent shop then you should buy frome other players such as weapons, but if they dont have what you need then you are stuck with farming Smile
Q: where do i get scrolls?
A: there are shops in BI that has scrolls which is worth cash and DP shop in PL that has scrolls.
Step 5: Accesories
Common accessories like ring of luck +3 and critical ring +3, BOS+7 and BOF+7, and Vampiric earings are huntable on arcane trace.
be patient while hunting these, because it seems that they are not easily dropped.
Step 6: Runes
This is the last thing you need, and we have them available on BI rune shop Smile
Q: seems it is worth wexp, what should i do?
A: go to war and farm for wexp ofc, you just need 200 points to recieve wexp. winning nation gets 12k wexp while losing nation gets 6k wexp
Step 7: Gearing up v3 (ultra hard)
seems that you are not satisfied with what you have now, we have what you need.
our server has provided shops that has donators set for 30days duration which is worth 350k wexp.
everything you need are provided ingame, all you need to do is be active and farm, its that simple.
so what are you wating for? Very Happy DO IT!! JUST DO IT!! XD
Good Luck, Have Fun and Happy Gaming

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[EM]Kuro's Newbie Guide
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