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 Leveling Guide

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PostSubject: Leveling Guide   Leveling Guide Icon_minitime1Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:11 pm

This is ONLY a short Leveling Guide for Beginners.
You might have noticed the gameplay changes as compared to that of POISON CABAL.
Mobs are strong on dungeons and even on normal maps.
Every character (new) is given 3K stats each plus an OSMIUM set and LAPIS weapon of which you can use even when you are at level 1.


-In game you are given a free 3k stats on every character you create.
-You can either choose to add your stats MANUALLY or you can go to the website and add your stats their using the “User Panel”.
-User Panel will appear only if you had set your “Secret Question” and answer. You are asked for this upon registration of new account.
-If ever you made a wrong stats for your character, you can always reset them on website but worth 5B Alz per reset.
TIP: Add your stats only with the required STATS of your WEAPON and SUIT, as they vary in value, you can later on add remaining stats once you hit level 190.

-In this server you are and you must do “Scenario Quests”. Why? It’s because it will help you a lot on your leveling.
-You must finish the first “Scenario” quest until the FIRST RANK UP quest (Level 10).
-After finishing the scenario quest, you may proceed to killing monsters on normal maps provided you added your stats and wore your OSM gears.
-It’s your option to do the Rank Up Quests every 10 levels or you can always finish them once you get higher levels.
-Leveling will be a little difficult since as I said, mobs are strong, so be sure to equip your SKILL strong enough to hit monsters (use AOE).
-You must do MAP Leveling in your case. Normal Maps can get you to at least lvl 65 - 70.
-Now, We, GM’s, boosted characters/players of which you could ask for BOOSTING, “IF”, take note of the word “IF”, they are strong enough to help you out, and or they already are geared and is “NOT” busy. DO NOT nag them or force them to boost you as they are also busy FARMING their items.
-Leveling should be done by yours alone supposedly for you to experience a greater gameplay and familiarization of the game.
TIP: Level boosting is good if you get to have friends in game who could/would carry you to level of which you can still acquire greater exp, in party, that it.

-Battle Mode 3 is FREE. “BUT” you can only use it once you are done with your BSLVL quests.
-As you progress on your Level, your SKILL rank will also progress.
-Level up to 100 first so you can and will be able to do Rank Up quests of which requires every 10 levels to do so to rank up your skill.
-Once you hit levels required, grind your skills until Transcender (“IF” possible) so you could acquire stronger skills.
-You might ask, there is only “1” Trans attack skill available on Instructors. Yes there is. Other Skill books can be acquired through “WEXP” in Bloody Ice NPC Shop. For now, since MWAR is not yet available, make use of the First trans skill you acquired from instructor.
-Another skill, EP12 Skill can be purchased on the “WARP” area. Pay close attention to this, since some of you were not able to put a patch on your client of which will cause your character/client to force close once you enter.
-Once you enter warp without the patch needed, you can “NO” longer log in your account. “BUT” there is a possible way. Go to the website and check User Panel for an Option of “Warping” your character. “OR” you could ask STAFFS to get them out for you and you can later on change your password on the website.
TIP: Always grind you skills into higher ranks to acquire greater skills.

-This is a very necessary task you must accomplish.
-You must finish your BSLVL Quest until your "BM3" will come out (once you use the skill book, it will not show unless you accomplish the required BSLVL quest).
-Team up with other players of which who does the same quest as you for easy accomplishment of the quest.
TIP: Kill only the required MONSTER on the Dungeons then EXIT afterwards.

-This is the most difficult and most probably be a long process.
-You are given initial FREEBIE gears, Osmium, of which you can use from level 1 which only needs a certain stats to wear. And a DREI FRAME which you acn use from lvl 145.
-Gears are a little hard to acquire in this server. Hitting higher level (180 most probabaly) will get you to higher map, which is Arcane Trace.
-Arcane Trace is now considered your FARMING Ground.
-AT drops good items such as epaulets with craft options, accessories, Entry Items, cores and even Armors (Bloody Archradium) which you can use to get higher defense. Never mind the option.
-This map drops +3 rings, +7 bracelets and earings. AMP items and Fatal Mithrils plus cores too which you can use to upgrade them. Again, loot AMP Gears which will give you greater defense so you won't easily get KO'd.
-Another One is at Eternal Chaos Arena (Key of Eternity) which you could acquire Emperor AMP Items (Chaos in POISON) and even Epaulet.

TIP: Once you hit lvl 180, you can team up and farm at AT and acquire FATAL weapons (Mithril) for your faster monster sweeping. Use your BM3 (if you already were done with the BSLVL) to get your way into the Bandit Area as it's where good items drops.

-For other ingame items such as PETS, you can acquire them at Chaos Arena 6 (CA6).
-Monster pets drop there.


NOTE: WE ONLY BOOST ONCE and "NOT" EVERYTIME as we also get tired. and we are not OBLIGUED to do so. You must experience death in game for greater gameplay.

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Leveling Guide
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