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Serves as players helpdesk and etc
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 Glen B. Ramirez

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PostSubject: Glen B. Ramirez   Glen B. Ramirez Icon_minitime1Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:36 pm

Character Name: ChinChunSue
Character Gender: Female
Character Class: Force Shielder

Answer the following question with the utmost of your understanding. Impress us with your answers. Indicate your answer after each question.

1. How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer: ill sum it up, maybe 5 to 6 years

2. There are six different classes or character in the game. What are their characteristics and specialties?
WARRIOR - The best melee fighter with unrivaled strength. can be equipped with great sword & daikatana
WIZARD - Some say the force controller anf the ultimate destroyer.. the orb user
BLADER - The deadly blade dancer.. blade & katana user
FORCE ARCHER - A long range skilled warrior, a magic (force user). another orb user.
FORCE SHIELDER - ahh... my Class.. this one can be use as physical & magic attacker..
but this warrior i think its more on support.. Blade & crystal user
FORCE BLADER - the curse maker.. lolz. this one is tough and some call this warrior a witch. can apply debuff on mobs and other players.

3. There are six common dungeons in the game namely Lake in the Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of Dead B1f, Volcanic Citadel, Tower of Dead B2f, and Forgotten Temple B1f. What are the requirements in order for a character to enter into these six different worlds?
1. Lake in the Dusk Requirements 65 And Above(MAP PART needed to enter in here) 2.Ruina Station Requirements Level 75 And Above(MUSTER CARD:RUINA STATION needed to enter in here)
3. Tower Of Dead B1F Requirement Level 85 and Above(EPAULET OF DEAD needed to enter in here)
4.Volcanic Citadel Requirement Level 95 And Above(SEAL OF THE DARKNESS needed to enter in here)
5.Tower Of Dead B2F Requirement Level 105 And Above(EPAULET OF DEAD B2F PART1 needed to enter in here)
6.Forgotten Temple B1F Requirement Level 115 And Above(Muster Card:Forgotten Temple B1F needed to enter in here).

4. Where do ABD Sets and Hellfire Weapons drop?
ABD Sets Drops in Siena Crest B1F/Illusive Castle Underwold
And Hellfire Weapons Drop in Special Lost Island Compass/Epaulet Of Dead B3F

5. How can one go to Mutant Forrest and Pontus Ferrum? Indicate here the requirements and procedure. ( do not answer "warp stone/return stone)
The Requirements for Mutant Forest is level 125 and above, Entrance is accessible at Green Despair On Map Part Entrance and in port lux warp center.
And Pontus Ferrum Requirements is level 140 and above Entrance is accessible at Fort Ruina and in port lux warp center.

6. What is a Nation in the game? How can a character get a Nation?
Procyon and Capella at first just put all your alz on your warehouse and withdraw 1234561 For Capella 1234562 For Procyon

7. Site one of the technical problems in the game. How will you manage such problem if someone is asking you?
if its technical then i might not help them personally.. but i can get their problems recorded (screenshot) and forward it to game developer/game masters..

8. Differentiate Spam from Scam. Site some examples.
Spam is chat flooding. typing some useless chat, making them appear in the chat box again and again, while scamming is having an item or getting it on the other person unnoticeable that he/shes been rubbed.

9. In a given situation when no staff members are online, and you noticed an abusive player PK’ing your character or
other players with no reason, what will you do?
Player Killing is intentional in peaceful Channel.. i will ask him/her for what is his/her reason. if i'm doing something important at that time ill ask him.her to stop in a nice way. but if he still continue we all know that cabal has a jail penalty for those king of players..

10. Why do you want to be a GA?
since i'm online 5 days a week, (even in work.. shhhh) i think i can manage to give time to newbie players to answer their questions, and also to broaden my knowledge in game (i'm just a player).

11. Why should we hire you? What are your potentials for being a GA?
as i have said. i'm always online 5 days a week, i'm a dedicated person.

12. If you have given a chance to do your job as GA, what can you do or contribute to our server?
online game consumes time. i can give 12 hrs everyday (^_^).. well i can help promote our server.

Your Real Name: Glen Ramirez
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan / Novaliches Q.C.
Facebook Link :
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Glen B. Ramirez
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