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 Zeldris TGA application

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PostSubject: Zeldris TGA application   Zeldris TGA application Icon_minitime1Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:35 pm

Title of the Post: Zeldris TGA application

Character Name: Zeldris
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Wizard

Answer the following question with the utmost of your understanding. Impress us with your answers. Indicate your answer after each question.

1. How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer:Around 4 years

2. There are six different classes or character in the game. What are their characteristics and specialties?
Answer:Force Blader: Make Enemy disable by its debuffs and use that debuffs for his advantage FB are high dmg class too.

Blader:BL is a low defense character that can make multiple dmg using DPS and kill boss/character fast.

Wizard: Low defense type character but good on making dmg in characters/mobs fast moving char.

Force Shielder: FS a character that is high dmg and high def class more on tanker type character good defense type.

Warrior:This class have advange because of his dmg and def good in blocking and very usefull because of its party buffs.

3. There are six common dungeons in the game namely Lake in the Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of Dead B1f, Volcanic Citadel, Tower of Dead B2f, and Forgotten Temple B1f. What are the requirements in order for a character to enter into these six different worlds?
Answer:Lake in the Dusk - 65 lvl
Runa Station - 75 lvl
Tower of Dead B1f - 85 lvl
Volcanic Citadel - 95 lvl
Tower of Dead B2f - 105 lvl
Forgotten Temple B1f - 115 lvl

4. Where do ABD Sets and Hellfire Weapons drop?
Answer:siena b1f,illusion castle underworld and epaulet of undead(b3f), special lost island compass

5. How can one go to Mutant Forrest and Pontus Ferrum? Indicate here the requirements and procedure. ( do not answer "warp stone/return stone)
Answer:It will need to gain level 125 for Mutant Forest and 140 for Pontus Ferrum, then there are two ways how to enter those maps, for first way you need Return Stone, then use GPS (press M) and click on warp.
there are entrances at maps, Green Despair for Mutant Forest and Fort Ruina for Pontus Ferrum.

6. What is a Nation in the game? How can a character get a Nation?
Capella and Procyon the two nation ingame, Getting Nation and attending war is the best part of choosing a Nation.
put all your alz to warehouse then withdraw 1234561 alz for Capella or 1234562 for Procyon, then relog and its done.
And the other one is Doing scenario quest from lvl 1 - 52, and for changing nation is doing scenario lvl 52-lvl 92 and the other one to change nation is black transmuter that can be bought in "ecoin shop" or players.
7. Site one of the technical problems in the game. How will you manage such problem if someone is asking you?
Answer:Auto close, i will talk to them and tell what they need to do to fix that problem, there is many ways to fix that and patche`s they need to fix.

8. Differentiate Spam from Scam. Site some examples.
Answer:Spam typing a message in chat multiple times.
scam is when you steal item from other player.

9. In a given situation when no staff members are online, and you noticed an abusive player PK’ing your character or
other players with no reason, what will you do?
Answer:i dont do anything i`ll let him do what he want until he`s/she is satisfied. if in other players i ask each side for the reason of starting of the pk`ing then give them advice and tell to stop pk`ing.

10. Why do you want to be a GA?
I want to be a GA because i want to make the server more playable and more fun by doing some past time event for players that are bored, to announce incoming event,update and etc.

11. Why should we hire you? What are your potentials for being a GA?
Answer: Because im capable of doing the task of becoming a GA, i was become lots of many times of GA.Doing a GA job is easy for me and i can do it with all passion.

12. If you have given a chance to do your job as TGA, what can you do or contribute to our server?
Answer:by giving opinions, suggestions, report bugs, hackers etc.

Your Real Name:  John Zeldris Bahinting
Age: 16
Location: Lapu-Lapu City,Cebu
Facebook Link :
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Zeldris TGA application
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