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Serves as players helpdesk and etc
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 KawatanNgPanty TGA Application

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PostSubject: KawatanNgPanty TGA Application   KawatanNgPanty TGA Application Icon_minitime1Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:52 pm

Title of the Post: KawatanNgPanty GA Application
Character Name: KawatanNgPanty (if hired can change to [GA]Lenards)
Character Gender: (MALE)
Character Class: (Warrior)

1. How long have you been playing cabal online?
Answer: 6 years

2. There are six different classes or character in the game. What are their characteristics and specialties?
Answer: Force Shielder: The faithful warrior that uses the force to shield others
Wizard: Ultimate Destroyer, the Ruler of the Force
Force Blader: Swordsman whose blade flares with the force
Force Archer: The sniper that fires deadly force shots that cut through the wind
Blader: The deadly blade dancer, the fastest Dual sword user
Warrior: They use heavy Great sword
3. There are six common dungeons in the game namely Lake in the Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of Dead B1f, Volcanic Citadel, Tower of Dead B2f, and Forgotten Temple B1f. What are the requirements in order for a character to enter into these six different worlds?
Answer: You need a Dungeon Entries to enter the dungeon but you must follow level requirements.

4. Where do ABD Sets and Hellfire Weapons drop?
Answer: Altar of Siena B1f,Illusion Castle Underworld and Epaulet of Undead (B3f), Special Lost Island Compass

5. How can one go to Mutant Forrest and Pontus Ferrum? Indicate here the requirements and procedure. ( do not answer "warp stone/return stone)
Answer: Go to Green Despair 3rd warp Lvl. requirement 125 and Fort Ruina 3rd warp Lvl. requirement  140

6. What is a Nation in the game? How can a character get a Nation?
Answer: for private servers like this, they use special command like, putting exact amount of Alz/Gold in the inventory like for Capella 1234561 and Procyon 1234562,

7. Site one of the technical problems in the game. How will you manage such problem if someone is asking you?
Answer: If One Player Ask About To Our Site. I Will Just Simply Reply that "Our Developer And Staff Is Working on It".and Just Wait And Be Patient.

8. Differentiate Spam from Scam. Site some examples.
Answer: spam , type of message or electronic message in particular. Unsolicited or undesired message. illegal message, while scam is a dishonest scheme or a fraud.

9. In a given situation when no staff members are online, and you noticed an abusive player PK’ing your character or
other players with no reason, what will you do?
Answer:i will ask him/her 1st if what is the reason why does he do that. 2nd i will try to communicate him/her in a good way and give him reason no to do such things.

10. Why do you want to be a GA?
Answer: because I want to help other players specially newbies to become more knowledgeable in game. So that everyone would be happy playing this game.

11. Why should we hire you? What are your potentials for being a GA?
Answer: I do my work passionately, I'm a team player and i will do my best to help this server in my full potential.

12. If you have given a chance to do your job as GA, what can you do or contribute to our server?
Answer:[/color]like ive said on the 10th question. i will do everything it takes to be in this team and will make this game even more better and recruit more players

Your Real Name: _Lenard Jay D. Atienza__________________
Age: ______24_____________
Location: __Guiguinto, Bulacan_________________
Facebook Link : _
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KawatanNgPanty TGA Application
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